Sphero Debuts Groundbreaking Augmented Reality App

15 Nov 2012

For iPhone and iPod:

For iPad:

What do beavers, cupcakes, and augmented reality have in common? The most groundbreaking app for Sphero. Get ready to blow your friends and family away with the first augmented reality game for Sphero and a handful of other apps you’ll want to download before you can even finish reading this blog.

Explore the world of augmented reality in the first app of its kind for Sphero, Sharky the Beaver. What exactly is augmented reality, and why is Sharky such a big deal? Augmented reality (AR) refers to technology that overlays a live view of the real world with virtual content. And unlike traditional AR that is limited to the screen, Sphero AR has the ability to interact with the real world.

In Sharky the Beaver, Sharky’s virtual character is overlaid on top of Sphero. This means that while you drive Sphero, you see the virtual beaver walking around in the real world through the screen of your device. Simply flip your iPhone or iPad into portrait mode and swipe your finger across the screen to launch virtual cupcakes into Sharky’s mouth. When you download the app and begin to explore, you will be one of the first to experience this type of gameplay. Learn more about the technology behind the magic here.

That’s not all. Four new apps from our Sphero Hack Tour are now ready to download. Want to take Sphero for laps in the pool? Now you can in the athletic team-based app for iOS and Android, Sphero H20. If drinking games are more your style, check out hack tour winner Tippsy for both iOS and Android. DJ Sphero, available on the iPad, is a perfect fit for the party, too. And last but not least, a memory game for iOS called PinWheel will have you testing your memory and your focus against friends. Congratulations and thank you to the developers who brought these apps to life! Find more information and links to download on our apps page at GoSphero.com.

Sharky is now available in the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPod or iPad. Make sure you have the newest Sphero app and you can download Sharky directly within the Apps tab. Just in case you haven’t done so already, you’ll also want to update your Sphero’s firmware using the Sphero app to get the latest and greatest driving improvements like Vector Drive and Fast Aiming.

Sphero is the perfect stocking-stuffer for friends and family this holiday season, and is available nationwide at Target, Brookstone, Apple, and Barnes & Noble locations, and online and internationally. Go ahead, have a ball this holiday season. We think you’re in for a real treat.

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