Sphero: Bullseye Proof and Available in Target

13 Nov 2012

We're incredibly excited that Sphero is now available in Target locations nationwide (or Tar-zhay, according to devoted guests). Target has done a spectacular job making its stores the hip, cool and affordable place for everyday families to shop. A walk down the aisle in Target is not a chore, but an adventure. As part of that adventure, Target guests can now find Sphero in the App Accessories section in Electronics or online.

One of the other things we love about Target is their passion for telling their brand story in a different, fun and very memorable way. Here at Orbotix, we share the same passion. Just take a look at the videos we created to announce Sphero's availability at Target. They're sure to make you laugh!

We simply couldn't help ourselves with Sphero and the Target Dog, Bullseye, serving as an incredibly rich canvas to have some fun with. Swing by a Target near you to check Sphero out in person or purchase online today.

Target, the Bullseye Design and Dog are trademarks of Target Brands, Inc.

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