Sphero Augmented Reality Technology Now Available for Developers

25 Mar 2013

Sphero is at the forefront of some game changing technology with augmented reality. And now, it’s getting even better. Today we’re excited to announce a new Sphero Augmented Reality SDK available on Github, as well as a new Sphero Augmented Reality plug-in for Unity. What does this mean for you? More games for Sphero, and more fun.

Now developers can simply insert their 3D models (think Sharky the Beaver) and create games around them – all using Sphero as the moving fiducial. The plug-in does all the vision detection by automatically coordinating the camera and ball position, distance, orientation and more. The plug-in will form a bridge between Unity and Sphero’s native Android and iOS SDK’s, and voilà . Designed for iOS, with an update that will include Android coming soon, this is the first Unity plug-in that allows developers to create augmented reality apps for a physical device. Once the Android update is ready, it also means that we will be able to release Sphero augmented reality apps on iOS and Android at the same time.

We’ve also launched the Sphero App Bounty program. Developers can win some awesome prizes for creating the apps we’ve always wanted to build, but haven’t had the time to create. Check out the list and stay posted as it continues to grow! In the meantime, you can send any questions, concerns, or pick-up-lines directly to our developers on our forums.

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