Sphero App Update Based On Your Feedback

04 Sep 2013

Dear Sphero Fans,

A few weeks ago we launched our newest product, Sphero 2.0. With that, we made some changes to the software that controls Sphero. These changes were supposed to make Sphero more fun to play. Based on your feedback, some of those changes weren’t more fun. In fact, they were less fun. Less is not more, so we're fixing them.

We apologize for messing with your fun and we want you to know we hear you. Below is what you can expect in terms of app updates.


This week:

Sphero app update #1 [LIVE]:  This update will fix graphic and connectivity issues and add a couple more tutorial screens.

Sphero Drive app update #1 [LIVE]:  This is a re-release of our old app that gives users of Sphero 1.0 the user experience they know and love. Search for “Sphero Drive” in the app store if you want the old user interface.

SpheroCam app [LIVE]:  This new app allows you to video Sphero while driving - while this feature is built into our old Sphero app, it will not be in future Sphero apps to reduce file size and improve device compatibility.

Next week:

Sphero app update #2[LIVE]:  This update will add two new modes - one called "Just Drive" and another one called "Level Up."

Sphero App Update

In Just Drive mode, you do just that: drive. You’ll have max speed, max boost, no shield repairs, and full LED colors. Just plain rolling fun. Just Drive will always be front and center when you launch the Sphero app.

In Level Up mode, you level up your Sphero to gain experience, earn new tricks, and unlock other soon to be announced features. Level Up mode will evolve over the next few months with a big release on November 12th, 2013 (11.12.13).

There will be a new section that shows other apps available for Sphero so you can experience more of his well-roundedness and there will be a new firmware update that goes along with this app update. Don’t worry, this firmware update will happen automatically, but it is important to make the new modes work properly.

Sphero Drive app update #2[LIVE]:  This is a maintenance update to modify some dialog boxes and set Sphero Drive so it works properly with Sphero 2.0 and his new firmware. Sphero Drive will eventually go away (but not for a while) as we transfer all of its functionality into the main Sphero app. This update is now live!

Three weeks out:

Sphero app update #3[LIVE]:  We will add right hand drive and tilt drive to the Just Drive mode. Added enhanced connection and support for iPhone 5s and 5c and Android.

November 12th, 2013:

Sphero app update #4[LIVE]: A big release for Sphero with a lot more action in Level Up mode.


While negative feedback is not fun, it is important and it helps us make the best experience possible for our robot loving fans. At Orbotix, we’re focused on improving the many ways to play with Sphero and we’ve got a bunch of very exciting things in the works.

Stay tuned and keep letting us know how we are doing. Go Sphero!

- Paul Berberian, CEO

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