Sphero API and SDK are Now Available

20 Dec 2011

Today, we are excited to announce that our Full API and Mobile SDK are officially live and available for developers! Sphero also began shipping this week and made its way into the real world. And Sphero's first 5 apps are now available on both the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

From the very beginning, we've engineered Sphero as an open device for which developers can easily create apps. The great thing about the first set of Sphero apps is that they are all amazing foundational apps. They have numerous core functions that developers can use to build their own apps. In fact, most of the source code for these apps is available in our SDK. We also provide documentation, sample code, and a customizable UIKit to get developers rolling.

For example, our Sphero app shows the possibilities of using voice control to command Sphero. Drive demonstrates the capabilities of Sphero's robotic movement. Golf provides an example of using the kinetic motion of your smartphone to control Sphero. Draw N' Drive converts images drawn on the screen of your smartphone to create motion and color changes in Sphero. And SpheroCam lets you simultaneously control Sphero and capture footage using your device's built-in camera.

Other games in development take things one step further. The first example is mixed-reality apps, which allow Sphero to interact with virtual objects on your smartphone. Some of you may remember this from our Mixed-Reality Pong blog post and video. The second example is using Sphero to control on-screen objects (much like a Wii remote). You'll see this soon in our Chromo app as well as in a brand new app we'll be demoing at CES next month. The future of Sphero is going to be very exciting and we're happy that Sphero developers will become a part of it. Our vision is to make Sphero into an incredible gaming system  - one where Sphero games and apps can be created and used by anyone.

For more information about getting involved in the Sphero developer community, check out our developer page, forums, and Twitter account for developers.

Believe us when we say we truly can’t wait to see what you do with Sphero! Let's see just how far we can take this robot.

- Sphero and The Orbotix Team

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