South By Sphero: Where Are My Balls?

11 Mar 2011

Unless you live in a van down by the river, you’ve probably heard that Sphero will be at SXSW for a ton of amazing events. We wanted to bribe our fans to come out and support us in Texas, but our lawyers advised us against that. So instead of outright corruption, we’ve decided on the next best thing - a contest!

We are pleased to announce the Sphero: Where Are My Balls? giveaway! We will be giving away five Spheros over the course of SXSW Interactive and winners will be the first to receive a Sphero when we launch later this year.

Keep an eye out for us in Austin! If you find us at any of the events listed here or on the street, tweet @GoSphero “Where Are Your Balls?” In order to win, the tweet must include a picture of Sphero in action at SXSW, as well as the hashtags #sxsw #wherearemyballs. This will get you TWO entries into a random drawing for five Spheros.

To review: you send out a twitpic with a few hashtags and a @GoSphero mention and in return you could win a freaking awesome robotic ball. Not too shabby!

But what about all of our loyal followers who can’t make it to SXSW? Follow us @GoSphero, ReTweet our daily "Find @GoSphero at SXSW, win a Sphero. RT for an entry to win! Be sure to use the tags #sxsw #wherearemyballs. This will get you ONE entry into the random drawing for five Spheros.

Of course, you can always reserve your Sphero here to be the first to receive it when we launch.

We hope to see you at SXSW and if you see us rolling around, don't be shy!

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