Ruby gem for Sphero comes out of AT&T Hackathon

31 Jul 2012

Last week, Sphero rolled to the Pacific Northwest for a hackathon with AT&T. Developers cracked the code on a bunch of creative and interesting apps involving Sphero, and one stood out in particular – the winner of the $1,000.00 cash prize. Congratulations to Aaron Patterson (, who created a Ruby client library for Sphero! Below is Aaron’s description of his hack.

“For the hackathon, I wrote a Ruby client library for Sphero. It basically lets you control any aspect of Sphero from a Ruby program. Then I wrote a chat system and hooked Sphero up as a client. Now I can use the chat system to control Sphero and play with my cat when I’m away from home!

You can get my client library code here:

Or just enter `gem install sphero`.

Right now, the applications I’ve written are things that control Sphero. In the future, I’d like to write some things that use Sphero as a passive sensor. For example, you could use Sphero to control keynote presentations (twist the ball one way to advance, twist it the other to go back, etc). Not only has Sphero been fun to play with, but the fact that the protocol is open for developers makes me very happy. It’s not often that I can find hardware that’s fun to play with and fun to hack.”

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