Robotic Flying Smartbird Amazes Humans, Fools Other Birds!

01 Aug 2011

As roboticists, we often admire the work of other incredible roboticists - especially when the product is something so lifelike that it causes an A.I. moment. If you haven’t seen the Smartbird yet, you must check out this video. This robotic seagull can take off, fly and land autonomously. It weighs less than a pound and has a wingspan of 6 ½ feet. Most importantly, it looks like a real bird and has even attracted a flock of other real birds!

There’s even a TED talk on the avian robot designed by German outfit Festo.

Robotics are advancing at an amazing pace and we are all struck by awe and wonder looking at this remarkable invention. We can’t wait to see what other cool robots will emerge in the coming years and are excited to be part of the action.

UPDATE: If you think the Smartbird is cool, you will also dig this robotic hummingbird designed by the Pentagon.

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