Quality Analysis for Sphero: What is Quality?

07 Feb 2013

This is a question that often perceived in many different ways by many different people depending on their point of view.

Oxford dictionary defines Quality as “the standard of something measured against other things of a similar kind” or “the degree of excellence of something.” In manufacturing, Taguchi defines Quality in the Six Sigma dictionary as “a function of loss whereby the better the quality, the lesser is the loss it causes to society.” For some, it means finding and eliminating bugs. For others, it means analysis of the user experience in the use of a software application to ensure the experience is as good as it can be. Considering all these definitions, it is evident that Quality is comprised of elements of both objective and subjective observation and analysis.

What is Quality for Sphero? Looking at Oxford’s definition, this is a difficult measure as there is nothing similar to measure against. With other products, you can compare a MAC to a PC, an Xbox to a Playstation, or numerous mobile phones to each other. Sphero is one of a kind, unique and ground breaking in it’s creation. Instead, we must compare and measure against our own innovation. At Orbotix, our engineers and developers continually measure the quality of our materials and processes against what we have done to find more innovative ways to enhance Sphero to the highest standard of quality possible. Looking at the Sphero’s initial prototype to the sophisticated programmable robot it is today; Orbotix is continually striving to enhance the degree of excellence in Sphero.

There is nothing cheap about Sphero. Some examples of its quality include being fully waterproof and extremely durable (just check out the flame-testing shot above). As personal robots go, Sphero is an affordable device for a programmable robot that also functions as a game controller. Toss any other type of game controller into the swimming pool, and see how it holds up in comparison.

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