Post Hack-a-thon Weekend

03 Aug 2010

Hack-a-thon Weekend! I was really nervous going into the weekend (July 24-25) because a group of people I had never met before were traveling all the way to the Techstars Bunker and giving up their weekend to build on our stuff. Before GearBox I ran a web development company and I had launched several large scale sites but when there are people physically standing in front of you twiddling their thumbs if something doesn't work it's a totally different experience. Saturday morning came around though and we ended up having 15 people show up! We started out a little shaky (partially due to only 2-4 hours of sleep a night the previous week) but people were patient and within only a few hours nearly everyone had successfully connected to one of our devices. What really astonished us though was that a few of the people that showed up had never even programmed for a mobile device before and by the end of the first day they were building basic apps and controlling our devices! We continued on Sunday and by the end of the weekend some of the more experienced Android developers had some really impressive apps working. Overall the weekend was a great success, people said it was a lot of fun, and we're excited to host another one soon!

I wanted to thank everyone that came out and for providing the ongoing feedback on our API. We will be providing balls very soon! I also want to thank SparkFun for hooking us up with some sweet swag to give away and for giving us a plug on their blog. Thanks!

Here are some photos:

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