Play Sphero MASH on Vine

23 May 2013

Sphero is now rolling around on the coolest new social media site to hit the interwebs – Vine. It’s like a GIF, but better. To celebrate our recent roll-out, we’ve decided to unleash our inner preteen and put together a game of Sphero MASH using Vine videos. In case you’re unfamiliar, this retro game is an extremely inaccurate and awesome way to predict your future. Since we’re way past pen and paper during homeroom, here’s our version. Simply scroll down and click on each video to pause it and find out your destiny.

Check us out on Vine @GoSphero to see behind-the-scenes footage from around our office and more! And don’t forget to tag your own videos with #Sphero. We can’t wait to see what six-second goodness you come up with.

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