Parents: Teach Kids Healthy Eating with Sphero

27 Feb 2014

Today we're excited to share a new app with you called Go Go Mongo.  Go Go Mongo is a healthy eating game for toddlers and children in preschool. It's designed to teach your children the names of different foods and also teach them healthy eating habits. The cute and cuddly Mongo loves to eat, and when he eats a good fruit or vegetable, he becomes happy, but when he eats something sugary like a donut, he gets sick. It is a highly effective method of showing children as young as 2 years old about good foods and bad foods.


Use Sphero as a handheld controller to help the happy-go-lucky main character, Mongo, run from left to right on the screen, catching food as it falls from the sky. Silly animations are used throughout the game that will make your children laugh while learning all about eating healthy foods. With over 40 levels of fun, including 5 different backdrops, there is a lot to explore.

Ranked as one of the top 25 educational games, this app will have the kid in all of us chasing after fruits and veggies. Download Go Go Mongo today on the App Store for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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