Orbotix Engineering Spud Gun Day

19 Jun 2012

A lot goes on behind-the-scenes at Orbotix. When we're not hacking on robots or developing apps, we can be found playing Broomball, having typing contests, and among other activities, eating snakes. Don't get us wrong - the majority of the time, office life revolves around a little white robot called Sphero. But every now and then, it's great to let loose and build something bigger. Stronger. Spuddier.

A few weekends ago, the engineering team headed into the sticks of Eastern Colorado with a few tools and a lot of PVC pipe. The goal was to get outside the office for a new type of challenge and focus on team building in an entirely different setting. Oh, and to launch potatoes across an open field. What happens when you put together a bunch of Orbotix engineers and some potatoes? Two words: spud guns. Really, really powerful spud guns.

The team experimented with two different types of guns. First, they built one that utilized compressed air and a valve which would successfully launch the spud an impressive distance. Met with success but eager for a slightly more aggressive rendition, the engineers put together a propellant-based gun. Experimenting with several types of propellants, they quickly found that Static Guard was the most effective. Soon, the team was launching spuds clear across the field with the help of the built-in sparker.

Between the power tools and team building, the day was a success that the engineering team hopes to soon recreate. An in case you were wondering just what sort of distance the Orbotix engineers are capable of, check it out.

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