Orbotix and HITB work together to inspire young engineers

06 May 2014

BOULDER, Colo., May 6, 2014 Today, Orbotix is excited to announce a partnership with Hack In The Box. This partnership aims to teach kids how to program robots at the upcoming HITBSecConf in Amsterdam.

More Than Just a Toy

Orbotix's first robot, Sphero, was built to grow with children. Kids start by learning shapes and colors using the application Draw-N-Drive, advancing all the way up to programing with Sphero’s 14 software developer kits and Low-Level API (application programing interface) documentation.

Education session and giveaways at HITBSecConf2014

Orbotix believes play is a powerful teacher. This year at HITB our team will give engineers, researchers, and hackers a crash course on how they can help inspire the next generation of kids using robotics. From daily giveaways on social media to the HackWeekday prizes, there will be plenty of ways to win a free Sphero. Sign up now to enter a chance to win: http://sphe.ro/mpeyo

Developers get hands-on with SDKs at HackWeekday

This event won’t just about the kids. Sphero will be at HackWEEKDAY, a three-day developer hackathon held alongside HITB Haxpo. Each daily session will be eight-hours. Developers will be excited to know Sphero is a programmable with over 14 languages including Ruby, Python, and Objective C.

About Orbotix

Orbotix creates connected toys, fusing emerging technology with the latest innovations in robotics to offer a new kind of open play experience. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Orbotix team takes fun very seriously.

About HITB

Hack In The Box is a respected authority and resource for network security news and research and organizers of the HITB Security Conference - an International, ‘deep knowledge’ multi-day, multi-track event that brings together the worlds leading subject matter experts, law enforcement officials and next-generation security researchers under one roof. HITB also hosts the HITB Haxpo or 'hacker expo' - an all new 3-day technology and IT security exhibition for hackers, makers, builders and breakers endorsed by iAmsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board.

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