Ollie Summer Smash Series 2016

02 Jun 2016
Ollie Summer Smash Series 2016

It's summer. Get smashed.

What’s summer without some long days, longer nights, and questionable decisions? We're talking water balloon wars, flashlight tag shenanigans, s'mores, truth or dare games, camp vibes, and the like. School's out and the party's on. For those of us who are adulting, we're reminiscing hard and trying our best to not be too grown up.

On that note, Sphero is tapping into our inner kid on summer break and taking advantage of Ollie’s extreme nature in the most mature way we could conjure up - smashing it into stuff. Filmed in slow motion but driven full speed ahead, Ollie is here to satisfy your appetite (and ours) for destruction all summer long. Every Wednesday we’ll be featuring Ollie’s latest annihilation for a weekly fix of good, old-fashioned, soul-satisfying trouble.

This week’s smash: eggs*. You know the saying - If you want to make an omelette, Ollie smash some eggs... and annihilate them. Inspired by a strong frittata craving, we strung up about a dozen eggs, set up a ramp, and let Ollie launch into oblivion. The result? A dizzying array of yolks, whites, and shell fragments, splashing and splattering onto the ground like the tortured emotions of an abstract expressionist painter. Breakfast got served. Scrambled took on a whole new meaning. I mean, why whisk when you can spin your robot in the carnage? Brutal. Check it out for yourself and stay tuned for more Ollie smashing to satiate your inner Hulk, or at least the child in us all.

  Ollie Summer Smash Series 2016

What else is in store for Ollie Summer Smash? Nothin' but sheer awesomeness and epic epicness, brah. Think classic red solo cups, Jenga towers, watermelon slices... just the usual stuff that screams summer nostalgia getting demolished by an app-controlled speed demon. Now that's something to look forward to, other than your rad trip to PC beach.

On that note... it's your turn. Make your summer a little cooler and snag part of the smash collection, "as seen on YouTube"! Pick up a Darkside Ollie with Orange Nubby Tires on sale for a cool $129.99. Create your own Ollie smash. Take it to the skate park. Race your buddies down the street. Execute killer tricks. Show us what you got. Shoot us your photos. Send in your smash suggestions. We're all ears. And eyes.

Ollie is the unsung hero of our growing collection of robots. It's literally all about fun, and so is summer. We certainly miss the days of inventing random games with stuff around the house and eating copious amounts of popsicles without gaining an ounce, but we don't have it that bad now, considering we get to drive robots into clusters of carefully hung eggs for your enjoyment. Let's try to keep the dream alive, stay creative, get smashed, and never adult too hard.

*Side note: No chickens were harmed during the making of this video. We used local, free-range, organically raised eggs without antibiotics or hormones. Because Boulder.

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