Official Sphero Pre-Orders Are Open

01 Nov 2011

Sphero. Part robot. Part ball. All fun. And now, a reality.

The moment you have been patiently awaiting is finally here! Your very own Sphero is ready to roll right into your home. He has been put through every test our hard-core team could think of. We ran him into walls, gave him to the mercy of vicious felines, rolled him through fountains, and even took him to Texas. Sphero has been tweaked, fused, crafted, and engineered into perfection. The glowing robotic ball you will soon hold in your hand was crafted especially for your enjoyment, and we’re sure you’ll be just as enamored with him as we are.

Official pre-orders are now open to the general public!  Order your Sphero now at

As the most programmable robot ever invented by mankind, Sphero is an incredible reinvention of the ball. And just like all the other balls you’re familiar with, Sphero’s purpose is to entertain. But he’s not filled with yarn or rubber. Instead, the programming is beyond most people’s understanding. Our developers poured their own blood, sweat, tears and infinite knowledge into the creation of this magical little sphere, and what we are left with is incredible; the first mass market robot with a navigational control system. And for anyone with tech know-how, the possibilities of interaction with Sphero are endless with our open API. The user interface is completely novel – Sphero is both an approachable, charismatic friend and a complex, software designed machine. As a result, Sphero stands as a huge milestone in advancement for robotics and gaming devices. Welcome to the world of mixed-reality entertainment!

With your purchase you'll receive Sphero, an induction charging station to power him up, and a quick start guide. No cords to get tangled, no complicated instructions. We’ve designed Sphero to be intuitive and simple, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Straight out of the box, you’ll also have access to six awesome apps to get you rolling right away. Start with the original Sphero app, where you two can get introduced. Then take the wheel with Sphero Drive, or direct him with your finger on Draw N’ Drive. For those who want an objective, set up a golf course and swing away with Sphero Golf, or drag commands into a timeline for Sphero to follow with Sphero Blox. And finally, the old stand-by that captured the heart of so many cat-lovers – SpheroCam. Use different skins, like KittyCam, to record your playtime and never miss a priceless moment.  We're even working on a new one called Chromo where you can challenge your coordination and memory. Correctly match the colors on your screen by moving Sphero in the right direction. But move fast, the clock is ticking. The longer you last, the harder it gets.

Soon you'll even be able to enter Sphero World, where you can compete against different “Sphero Swarms” in your community and track everything from your individual color changes to achievements.

Pre-order your Sphero, check out descriptions of all available apps, and preview what’s to come at

We are tremendously excited to release Sphero out into the wild. Our vision here at Orbotix for mixed-reality gaming is coming to life the second you give your Sphero a shake. We sure hope you think he’s as cool as we do!

Sphero & The Orbotix Team

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