Office Golf Will Never Be The Same

24 Aug 2011

Since seeing our Sphero Night Golf video, many of you have been asking about Sphero Golf and how it works.  Up until this point you've only seen us use the smartphone interface to hit/putt Sphero.  Well we've got a little surprise for you - watch the video below.
That's right, you'll be able to use the motion of your phone like a golf club!  As you can see we've been testing it out and we're pretty sure there's nothing like this out there right now - which is why we're incredibly excited to be sharing it with you.  While platforms like Wii use the movement of a controller to manipulate on-screen objects, we're controlling the movement of a physical object (Sphero) with the movement of your smartphone - pretty sweet. We can't wait to see how the staff at the local mini-golf course reacts when people start using Sphero and their smartphone to play instead of using real balls and putters!  Can they still charge for that?

Taking a full swing is one of two ways that you can play Sphero Golf; you can also use the interface on your smartphone or iPad. In either case you are able to choose different clubs (a driver for long shots, an iron for medium shots and a putter for short shots), aim your ball, take practice swings and keep track of your score (click on the image below to get a better view).  In multi-player mode the scorecard keeps track of all the players' scores on each individual's smartphone.

So if you're using the interface to "hit" Sphero you simply flick the ball across the screen -  if you're using the movement of your smartphone to "hit" Sphero then you hold your thumb on the screen during your backswing and take your thumb off the screen at the moment you intend to "hit" Sphero.

We've got a handful of other surprises we're saving for later, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of the kind of fun you can have with Sphero Golf. Something tells us that office golf is never gonna be the same...

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