New Trend Everyday Were Spheroing

13 Jun 2013

New trend alert! It's easier than the Harlem Shake, and cooler than the robot. It's called Spheroing, and here's what it's all about.

One little baller (see above) creatively posed as the Sphero logo the other week right after purchasing his Sphero. His hand gesture has since been trending around our entire office, and it's making the peace sign look so yesterday. He even inspired our co-founder, who is busy making Spheros by hand in China, to get involved. It's simple – you ready? With one hand circled around your eye, and the infamous "swoosh" or cowlick Sphero so handsomely sports highlighted with your pinky, stick out your tongue. Voilà  – you're Spheroing! The dinosaur shirt is optional, but you get extra points if your pinky points the right way. So long hand wave. Goodbye peace sign. From now on, we're Spheroing. Send us your Spheroing photos for the chance to be featured in our Facebook album. We salute you, pinkies up!


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