New Game: How Angry Birds and Farmville are Changing the Gaming Landscape

03 Jun 2011

Bloomberg Businessweek recently profiled the dramatic changes taking place in the gaming industry with a well-written article on game producer Electronic Arts. Quoting EA’s CEO John Riccitiello:

FarmVille, Angry Birds, and other such games have helped expand the world's population of gamers from about 200million 10 years ago to more than 1 billion today. Gamers aren't just males aged 18 to 34 anymore: Families now discuss tending their virtual farms at the dinner table; middle-aged women while away their free time by hurling birds at pigs. As a result, the console games that used to account for about 80 percent of industry sales now make up 50 percent.

Facebook, smartphones and tablet computers are redefining the video game landscape. Instead of charging $50 for a single console title, video game publishers are now creating games that are free to play on social networks and mobile devices. These new games depend on selling items to players, along with other virtual goods.

The idea seems to be working. Earlier this year “EA reported $833 million in sales of digital goods for the 12 months ending in March, up 46 percent from the year-earlier period.” People are comfortable with paying for expanded content and downloading mobile games for their entertainment.

As a mixed reality gaming system Sphero sits at that intersection of these shifting hardware and software trends. There is a clear market need for new mobile games and a willingness of new gamers to explore new ways to play. We are excited to bring Sphero to a growing, passionate group of mobile gamers in the coming months.

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