New App: Sphero Nyan Cat SpaceParty

13 Dec 2012

There’s a party in space, and you’re invited. Sphero and Nyan Cat have come together to form the ultimate team and release a brand new app – Sphero Nyan Cat SpaceParty. If you’ve ever wanted to download awesome, now you can. Adventure through seven levels of addicting gameplay while flying Nyan Cat through outer space, collecting lollipops for power-ups, and shooting bacon to destroy enemies. Available for both iOS and Android devices, SpaceParty can be played as a stand-alone app or using Sphero as the controller for 360 degrees of fun.

In case you’re not familiar with Nyan Cat, here’s what you need to know. Nyan Cat was created in April of 2011, with its original YouTube video gaining over one million views within the first two weeks. It has since been viewed over 89 million times, won the 2012 ‘Meme Of The Year’ Webby Award, and has become one of the most loved sensations to ever hit the web. Here at Orbotix we’ve always been big fans, and it’s a dream come true to partner up with such an incredible team”¦er, meme.

In addition to the release of the app, Sphero and Nyan Cat are offering limited edition decal packs and SpaceParty t-shirts. You can find them on our store. We are also joining Nyan Cat for their #NYANCATCITY event at The Hole, a contemporary art gallery in New York City, all weekend long. Among other Nyan Cat attractions, fans will be able to play SpaceParty on a large projected screen, purchase Sphero and Nyan cat limited edition products, and enter to win one of four limited edition Nyan Cat Spheros, pictured below.

What are you waiting for? Download Sphero Nyan Cat SpaceParty today on iTunes or Google Play and look for more Sphero and Nyan-related apps and accessories in the future. With 20+ apps now available, Sphero makes a great gift for this holiday season and can be found at Target, Brookstone, Barnes & Noble, and Apple retail stores in the U.S. It is also available at other online outlets internationally.

Your space party begins right meow. Happy Nyan-ing.

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