Mixed-Reality Pong with Sphero

28 Sep 2011

Pong. Everyone knows Pong. It was the first real video game, the one we all remember - or if you're a little younger, maybe it's the one your parents talk about with a sense of nostalgia as you busily launch Angry Birds at unsuspecting pigs on your smartphone.

Pong strips down to the basics of any other ball or even puck related sport - there's an object coming your way and you've got to protect your goal while simultaneously returning the object to the other side. Pong is both classic and retro. Cool...but maybe outdated. We can fix that.

How? Pong with Sphero. A new way to play that's completely awesome. During a recent Hack Friday, Jon and Brandon (two of our Software Engineers) created this entirely new concept that is both fun and challenging - but still easy enough for all of you original Pong enthusiasts to play. When you bring Sphero's Mixed-Reality capability up to bat, the old classic is suddenly reborn with a hands-on game in which you'll probably want to wear closed-toe shoes...And maybe a couple of sweatbands.

Here's how it works. The virtual paddle appears on your smartphone screen, while the very real Sphero rolls around on the floor in front of you. Virtual paddle, real ball. Welcome to the world of Mixed-Reality gaming.

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