Introducing Ollie (formerly known as 2B)

06 Jan 2014

Today, we're excited to introduce you to Ollie - the robot formerly known as 2B. Our project name, Sphero 2B, was used until we were able to announce the real name.

Sphero 2B - White Tires

Ollie takes on a new form factor, drives like it’s from the future, comes with interchangeable parts like tires and hubcaps for different terrain, and will launch with accessories for advanced gameplay. Powered with AI Superdrive capabilities, Ollie is unreasonably fast and maneuverable. With only two points of contact, Ollie can turn on a dime, launch off steep inclines, and tumble unlike anything you’ve seen.

Ollie is also made for open play and is designed to inspire future inventors like Sphero's young co-founders. And just like SpheroOllie offers awesome new ways to play. Not just with its driving, programming, and multiplayer apps, but also by inspiring imagination through a robot that is completely programmable. We're even working to have built-in infrared technology that will offer interactive and multiplayer gameplay.

Sphero 2B - White Body


Gameplay Unique Driving, Multiplayer Games, Programming
Body Styles Black or White
Shell Durable Polycarbonate Body
Interchangeable Parts Wheels, Tires, and Hubcaps
Speed Up to 14 ft/s
Connectivity Bluetooth LE (30m)
Compatibility & Programmability iOS & Android with SDK’s available
Charging USB Cable

How to Get Ollie

Starting today, you can reserve your place in line to be the first to own the newest Sphero robot at will be available worldwide for under $100 (US) starting in Fall 2014. Ollie accessories and customizable parts will be announced at a later date. Reserve yours today because this is going to be totally tubular.
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