Introducing BB-8™ by Sphero

04 Sep 2015

This is the Droidtm you're looking for.

Introducing BB-8™ by Sphero

Trust us. When it comes to the Force, the Sphero team gets it.

Over the years, the Star Wars™ experience has always lived on screen and in our imaginations. We’ve been captivated time and time again by adventures, taken to extraordinary new worlds, and introduced to heroes (and villains) that we’d never forget. Star Wars has become a part of our lives.

Toys have always been used as the inspiration to extend the life of the story long after the credits roll. They’re something we’ve grown up with, collected, and cherished since 1977. To have the opportunity to create something that is not only a part of this legacy, but to bring it to life in an innovative way was an honor for our team... because it’s something that we love.

Sphero has teamed up with Lucasfilm and Disney Consumer Products to bring a new part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ into your home. Through months of secrecy and hard work, we’re thrilled to finally share something with the world that, until today, has only been illustrated through science fiction. It’s not a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. it’s right here, right now.

Meet BB-8™ - the app-enabled Droid™ whose movements and personality are as authentic as they are advanced. BB-8™ is your very own Astromech Droid™, and his traits begin to shine the second he wakes up. He is playful, personable, and true to the Star Wars™ galaxy.

BB-8™ has something unlike any other robot - an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perk up when given voice commands. If he is left idle for too long, BB-8™ will playfully attempt to get your attention. BB-8’s™ advanced traitware makes all of these actions possible. This is not a toy, this is a Droid™!

Introducing BB-8™ by Sphero

Once the companion app is downloaded, the classic Star Wars™ theme ushers you into an innovative connected play experience, merging the digital world with a self-aware Droid™. Your Droid™ is ready to be guided by you or to start exploring your surroundings on its own. Set it to Patrol and watch your Droid™ make the rounds autonomously, guide BB-8™ yourself, or create and view holographic recordings.

It’s now possible to explore the galaxy with your own trusty Astromech Droid™ by your side. BB-8™ is more than a toy - it’s your companion.

BB-8™ is now available worldwide through and at retailers including Apple, Amazon, Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Marbles: The Brain Store, and more.

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