Introducing App Bounty for Sphero Developers

29 Jan 2013

With 20 plus apps available for download and more on the way, Sphero has something to offer for everyone. Hard-core gamers can check out Exile and get involved with augmented reality apps like Sharky the Beaver, while friends might casually play a round of night golf or a tabletop game like Pass the Sphero. Behind each of these apps is a developer who made it come to life. And with open SDK's in Objective-C, Java, and a newly launched Unity 3D beta, anything is possible for gameplay with Sphero. Here’s where you come in.

Last summer Sphero rolled around the nation during the Sphero Hack Tour meeting devs, hacking apps, and giving away huge prizes. The results were so awesome, we decided to keep the fun rolling. Developers worldwide can now continue to build for Sphero at any time with the support of our documentation, and like last summer, we’re offering a reward.

Introducing App Bounty – your number one resource for game ideas for Sphero. Here you’ll find the apps we’ve always wanted to see come to life but don’t have the manpower to create. The list is growing constantly and the prizes are only going to get better, so stay posted as our App Bounty evolves well into the year. Check the page for details on how to get started and if you have any questions or feedback, let us know on the developer forum. What are you waiting for? Get hacking!

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