How to Explain an Internet Meme to Your Mom

06 Dec 2012

Trying to explain an Internet meme to your Mom isn’t easy. Especially when you’re not exactly sure what the term means to begin with. To most people, it’s Gangnam Style, the success kid, or that one dancing banana GIF. You’ve shared them with friends on your social networks, and all the cool kids know what’s up. Come on Mom, it’s a meme!

According to its dictionary definition, a meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”, much like a gene in a gene pool. The root comes from the Ancient Greek term mimeme, which implies cultural phenomena. Catch-phrases, popular melodies, and generally trendy things all count. Successful memes are shared between people. Kind of like the flu, except better.

We all know the “Ermahgerd” meme has nothing to do with evolution and gene pools. So what defines an Internet meme? A concept that spreads online. Think pictures, videos, and hashtags. Memes can be used as tactics for viral and guerrilla marketing, but most oftentimes they are unintentional and just simply ridiculous. They can be anything from a sketched-up cartoon like “Forever Alone”, or an image of the President of the United States making a face (see the official meme here). Once a meme gets picked up on one site such as Reddit or Tumblr, it has the potential to spread like wildfire.

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