Hack Weekend Boulder - July 24th/25th

10 Jul 2010

July 24th 10:30am - July 25th 10pm

Calling all Android developers! We are having a hack weekend here in downtown Boulder, CO on July 24th and 25th. No hardware/Bluetooth experience needed! FREE Food! FREE Beer! FREE Red Bull!

We are releasing a beta version of our Smart Ball APIs and we would really like you to test it out by building an app to control the Smart Ball. Some ideas for apps are mentioned here. We will have a handful of balls for you to test your code on and the people/teams with the top three apps at the end of the weekend will get to take an Smart Ball home with them! We can't make any promises at this point but for the top app we may also mention your name during our presentation at Techstars Investor Day on August 5th in front of over 200 top venture capitalists and angels from all over the country!

So how is this going to work?
We'll start the weekend off at 10:30am on Saturday the 24th by introducing the GearBox team, explaining the hardware that's running inside the Smart Ball, and explaining the capabilities of the API. Next we'll go through a couple simple "hello world" type examples to demonstrate how to make a Bluetooth connection to the ball and make it roll based on the tilt angle of your phone. Don't worry if you don't have any hardware or Bluetooth experience, we have made this very simple to do using the Smart Ball APIs and we can walk you through it. After the "hello world" session you are free to let your creativity run wild! We will be available all weekend to brainstorm with you and answer any technical questions you might have.

What does the API look like? What methods do I have available?
A very rough version of the API documentation is now online here. We will be adding more methods, clarifying descriptions, and adding examples soon!

What should I bring?
All you really need is a computer and a phone with Android 2.1+. We are in a secure locked location in downtown Boulder with power and WiFi so feel free to bring a desktop (fine to leave it overnight) if you prefer that over a laptop. We also have a few 24" LCD screens we can loan you if needed. Contact us if you have any other needs.

Questions? How do I sign up?
Contact us here or shoot me an email directly at ian [at] gearbox [dot] me. Space is limited so if you are interested please let us know ASAP so I can get a rough estimate of how many people to expect.

We're looking forward to seeing you!


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