Gear What?

24 Jun 2010

After seven months of working on some really cool stuff we are excited to finally share it with the community! So what is GearBox? At GearBox we are creating flexible hardware platforms that are controlled from your phone. We are then open sourcing the APIs for these devices so that other software developers can bring their own apps into real life!

So what types of devices are we building? Well, for our first product we are reinventing the ball and releasing a wireless robotic sphere that you can roll by tilting your phone.

Ball Prototype

Early Ball Prototype

We also have a dev board that can control or interface with almost any hardware device and we have the associated APIs to control it. Some brief specs are:

  • Bluetooth Wireless 100' Range
  • 8x Analog/Digital Inputs
  • 8x Digital Outputs
  • 2x 1A Speed Controlled Motor Outputs
  • 4x Servo Motor Outputs
  • 1x Serial COM Port
  • 1x I2C Expansion Port
GearBox Dev Board

GearBox Dev Board

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