Game Over: End of CES 2012

14 Jan 2012

It's the end of day four at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the excitement has wrapped up. The week has been one of constant play, and Sphero has met everyone from developers and journalists to robot-aficionados. Between the drive-time and demoing of Chromo and Space Fighter, Sphero rolled for hours on end and can’t wait to do it again next year. Here is a sneak-peak video of people playing Sphero Space Fighter at the show.

Press competed for the top three scores in Sphero Space Fighter with the opportunity to donate up to $1,500 to the charity of their choice. The press rolled in to try their hand at killing alien ships and dodging fireballs, and after four days of extreme space fighting, the results are being tallied up. Keep posted for the winners!

Thanks to everyone who came by and took Sphero for a spin! We will be recapping with a full-length video, staff bloopers, and the winners of the Press Challenge next week, so stay tuned for more.

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