Free Sphero Giveaway: Week Two Winner

02 Mar 2012

It's the second week of our Weekly Sphero Giveaways, and fans have been going above and beyond our expectations. We've received everything from creative graphic designs to pictures of Sphero in ridiculous places (Sphero's first eye exam, anyone?). As a team of hackers and makers, we couldn't help but pick someone who pulled out the Knex. Congrats, Ben Freed! Check out his creation below (hint: there is also an "On Board Video"). Ben also provides instructions for building your own chariot. Thanks for the great entry, Ben!

Thanks to everyone who submitted. It was extremely difficult to pick just one winner, so we've included our other favorites below. You may remember Nicklas Gavin from last week with his Sphero Desktop Port. Now, he's created both a Twitter notification for Sphero as well as a touch sensor. Awesome. We will be sending another free Sphero to a lucky winner for next week's competition. Tell your friends, and submit away on either Twitter or Facebook!

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