Free Sphero Giveaway: Week Seven Winner

13 Apr 2012

It's Friiiiday! And that means we've selected yet another winner for our Weekly Sphero Giveaway. We saw a lot of creativity in the submissions this past week. Along with some cool graphic artwork, you guys turned Sphero into everything from a quidditch ball to a cue ball. But one image stood out - a genuine call to action for iOS and Android users to unite. After all, we can all play nice with the smartest robotic ball out there, and that's all that really matters, right? Congratulations, Jerome!

Thank you to all of our other fans who submitted. Next week, we are looking for Sphero game and accessory ideas. Sketch it out, mock it up, or build something - we want to see what you have in mind. It could be an actual app idea or a tricked-out racecourse in your living room; an outfit for Sphero or a creative way to tote him around. Submit via Twitter to @gosphero or on our Facebook page. Go ahead, get hacking!

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