Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 27 Winner

07 Sep 2012

Week 27 might just be the the best week of our Free Sphero Giveaway. We asked you fans to create your own "Sphero" or "Sphero logo" at home, and we were absolutely overwhelmed with the response. We enjoyed videos of Spheros made out of ice, paper-mache, augmented reality, and even a "Sphera" made out of who-knows-what. The most hilarious was the ginormous Sphero bean bag, controlled by what we're assuming is a person trapped inside. Between all these options, it was almost impossible to chose just one winner this week. But because of his perseverance and artsy video style, the free Sphero goes to Oscar. He submitted the clip below of a Sphero made of ice, in addition to one made of magnetic balls and Sphero logos in the form of Post It notes and Powerade. Well done, Oscar! We can't wait to see what you create with a real Sphero. Send us your shipping address and phone number in a Facebook message and we'll send you your Sphero.

Huge thank you and high five to everyone who submitted for week 27! Keep posted for what we'll be looking for next week. Hint: it's the biggest fan contest we've ever done, and this week was a great warm-up.

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