Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 26 Winner

31 Aug 2012

This was an exciting week for Sphero! Not only did we announce six new apps and push a firmware update that drastically changes the way you play, but it was "Take your Sphero to Work or School Week". This is the first of a bunch of fun categories for our Weekly Sphero Giveaway (see below for more details). Not only did Sphero go back-to-school shopping, hop on a school-bus, and hang out with an entire class of engineers, but he got to help out the pilots on a Boeing 737-800 that flew from Vancouver to Toronto. Congratulations, Dave! We loved seeing Sphero go Top Gun this week. Send us your address and phone number in a Facebook message and we'll get Sphero flying your way.

For those of you who don't already have a Sphero, next week we'd love to see you create your own "Sphero" or "Sphero logo" at home. Use any type of material you can get your hands on, and send us fun video or pictures of your make-shift ball around the house (think of Oscar's magnetic Sphero). Get creative, and show us what you come up with on our Facebook or Twitter (@gosphero) accounts.

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