Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 25 Winner

24 Aug 2012

Earlier this year we hosted a Sphero In The Wild contest. The goal was to see Sphero in his new homes around the world, and you fans sent in pictures from places like France, Spain, and Germany. We even saw Sphero sit atop a cactus and hang out in a birds nest (see the gallery here)! In the spirit of Sphero as a world traveler, the winner of this week's Sphero Giveaway goes to Shady. Riding a horse with a GoPro camera strapped to his face, Shady took Sphero on a grand tour of the pyramids of Egypt this week. We thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of his adventure, and think you will too! Congratulations, Shady. Send us a Facebook message with your address and phone number and we’ll get Sphero rolling your way. We can't wait to see where you take Sphero next.

Thank you to everyone else who submitted Sphero creations this week! For next Friday, we'd love to see you take Sphero to school or work. Think this popular picture of Sphero on his way to work, submitted by Ted. Let the office pranks fly and capture friends and co-worker's reactions with SpheroCam, or simply take some humorous shots of Sphero hanging out on your desk. Send your pictures and videos to our Facebook or Twitter (@gosphero) accounts, and have fun!

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