Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 23 & 24 Winners

17 Aug 2012

The majority of Sphero fans are, well, dudes. For some reason the combination of "robotic" and "ball" appeals to a male-based crowd, but we think Sphero is fun for everyone (toddlers and Wayne Brady included). That's why we're happy to announce that the winner of our Sphero Giveaway (from last week) wears heels. Not only did this fan paint her face to match Sphero's white and blue get-up, but she took Sphero for a roll (via Photoshop) to both the Royal Ascot and Hogwarts. Congratulations, Megan! It takes serious commitment to paint your face like a robot, and besides, we'd really like to see Sphero visit the Hogwarts in real life (be sure to send pictures). Shoot us a Facebook message with your address and phone number and we'll get Sphero rolling your way.

The winner for this Friday is someone you might have seen on our Facebook already – Muchen. From robotic scorpions to shark fins, Muchen has been creating Sphero accessories and games ever since he won his first ball. Check out his YouTube channel to see all the clips. Congratulations, Muchen! It's time you have another Sphero to share with a friend. After all, the more Spheros, the better.

This week we also announced the winners to our Sphero in Apple & Brookstone contest. Check to see if you nabbed some limited edition ramps and t-shirts! And as always, send us your Sphero creations and ideas to either our Facebook or Twitter (@gosphero) accounts for next week's Sphero Giveaway.

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