Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 21 Winner

27 Jul 2012

One of our favorite things about Sphero? He's round. But our most ballin' fan creations usually don't roll. That's why this week, the winner of the Weekly Sphero Giveaway goes to Joe.  An artist at heart, Joe has been creating colorful and festive drawings of Sphero for weeks now (the 4th of July drawing was our other favorite). This Sphero LEGO creation was just too good to pass up. Send us your address and phone number in a Facebook message, and we'll get a round, rolling, robot to you right away Joe!

Sphero was also spotted at multiple Apple locations this week, sported some sweet shark fins, and battled it out with a robotic scorpion. Thanks to everyone else who submitted for the giveaway! Remember that you can also win limited edition Sphero ramps and t-shirts by retweeting or sharing this blog post. To get your hands on Sphero today, you can pick one up today at Apple or Brookstone (and even win an iPad 3). As always, you can send us your Sphero creations and ideas to either our Facebook or Twitter (@gosphero) accounts.

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