Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 17 Winner

29 Jun 2012

Every week, we get submissions for our Weekly Sphero Giveaway from around the world. We think it's time you all join together to bring your ideas for Sphero to life! That's why this week, our winner is Michael. He has been sending in creative ideas for Sphero for weeks on end hoping to win a free ball. Michael also happens to live in New Zealand, just like another Sphero super-fan – Roland (check out his water adaptation for Sphero. Hint: there's a big, big bird).

Congratulations, Michael, Sphero will soon be rolling your way! If you and Roland happen to be rolling around NZ together, you must send us some pictures or video. Below is our favorite submission, the Spherocopter:

Thanks to everyone else who submitted this week! Keep posted for what we'll do for next week's contest. As usual, you can send all app ideas and Sphero footage our way via our Facebook page or Twitter. And in case you missed the memo, Sphero is now available in Apple Stores across the nation. See if there's a store near you today!

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