Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 13 Winner

01 Jun 2012

We always love a surprise. That's why the winner of this week's Sphero Giveaway goes to a unique submission - a high quality video of Sphero taking a marathon adventure around the backyard. We were almost tired before Sphero made it around, but Sphero rolled through thick and thin, clearing bridges and dodging fences. Thank you Jesse (and Jesse's brother) for spending three solid hours shooting and cutting this video. Your next project  will have to be a race between brothers, since you'll soon have two Spheros to explore the great outdoors. Shoot us your shipping address in a Facebook message and we'll get Sphero rolling your way.

Other great submissions from this week include: Roland's adorable cat Misty meeting Sphero, Sphero destroying Muchen's card castle, and King George's Sphero Shield. Nice work, guys! Keep the submissions rolling in via our Facebook page and Twitter at @GoSphero for next week, when we'll give away another Sphero. To see some of the creations that have already come in, you can check out our photos & videos page online.

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