Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 11 Winner

18 May 2012

If there is one Sphero fan who deserves to win a free ball, it is Muchen. For the past month, this super-fan has been brainstorming the most clever and sometimes hilarious Sphero accessory and game ideas - and just like we asked, he mocks up every idea with detailed sketches and directions. Muchen's ideas cover everything from a Sphero disco ball and alarm clock to Sphero horse races and a custom joystick. But because we don't have the extra time to make all of these cool creations come to life, we've decided to send Muchen his very own Sphero so he can get to work.

Congratulations Muchen! Direct message us with your shipping address and be sure to keep us posted on all your Sphero designs and adventures. Here is one of our favorites - the Spheryo.

Thank you to everyone else who submitted this week! Our other favorites include both of the adorable toddler videos, Mike's niece and little Oscar. Keep your app ideas, photos, and videos coming for next Friday, when we'll pick another fan to win a free Sphero. Submit either via our Facebook page or to Twitter at @GoSphero.

Also, remember that Sphero is now available in select Brookstone stores. Check out our interactive map to find the Brookstone location nearest you and tell your friends to get some balls!

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