Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 10 Winner

11 May 2012

Friday has turned into Free Sphero Day, and we wouldn't have it any other way! For the past ten weeks, fans have submitted clever, hilarious, and creative content on a daily basis on our Twitter and Facebook pages. From app ideas and sketches, Spheros meeting pets and fancy Macros, we continue to see some awesome content. This week, one fan in particular surprised us with a new type of creation - an incredibly detailed Sphero comic strip and story. Congratulations, Roland! Read his story and enjoy the actual comic below:

I really wanted to get creative this week and submit this as a comic strip. All black ink with the story told progressively in each frame. But I really overestimated my drawing abilities - What is in my head just won't translate through my hand to the paper. So submitting the story separately here along with a penciled storyboard.
It's actually a joint effort as my 9yr old drew a great mom and Jimmy hugging, so I scanned and pasted her's into that scene.

Hope you enjoy it.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it's SuperSphero!

The last year had been hard times for Jimmy and his mom.
A new neighborhood, a new job and a new school. The only thing that wasn't new was their car, which was more than overdue for a service.

Nearly a year ago things were very different. Jimmy was doing great in school, had his own group of friends and had a new puppy called Flux.
He'd just had his 7th birthday. A birthday he'd never forget as it was the last time he saw his Dad. Shortly after that, Dad went missing while on a peace keeping mission in some far off land (but that's another story).

Mom had not given up hope but life goes on, bills have to be paid. So they sold up and relocated to be closer to mom's new job.
Dad's present to Jimmy that last birthday had been a Sphero.
Jimmy took to this technology with ease. Sphero and Jimmy were inseparable and did everything together. From school and walking the dog, to being his nightlight, they were best of friends and a comforting memory too.

Then one fine Saturday, Jimmy found he had the whole skatepark to himself. He was playing a game of follow the Sphero on his scooter. He was so engaged in it that he didn't see the storm approaching. The temperature dropped, darkness descended and hail the size of golf balls fell. The wind made the trees shake with fear.

Jimmy took shelter under one of the ramps and pulled his jacket tight.
As he did, Sphero fell from his pocket and he saw it roll out into the maelstrom.
This was no normal storm and with a crack that split the darkness a strange bolt of red lightening reached down and struck Sphero.
Jimmy let out a cry "Nooooooo!"”¦ But the sound was stolen by the storm.

Then as suddenly as it had appeared, the darkness lifted and it was warm and calm again. Jimmy raced to his friend with tears welling in his eyes, just as mum arrived on the scene.
"We need to get him home!" cried Jimmy,
"I need to get both of you home." mom said.
Flux was already in the car and once Jimmy was safely buckled in, mum set off.

Part of the journey took them over the railroad crossing. They had travelled this way many times before without incident. But today... The car coughed, spluttered and then stalled on the tracks.
“Not now!” muttered mom.
Then the situation worsened as the gates dropped and the bells sounded.

The 3:15 freight train out of Boulder was barrelling down on them.
The vehicle's electrics were playing up. The central locking had locked the doors and the windows were not responding. Mom turned the key... nothing!
The train driver could now faintly see a car on the tracks ahead.
He sounded the horn and applied the brake, but the juggernaught would need more track than this to stop.

Mom screamed for help and hopelessly scrambled at the door handle. Flux was barking, bells were ringing, Jimmy was shouting for mom. Mom gave up on the door, and jumped into the back seat. She held Jimmy tight in her arms and whispered "I love you".
"I love you too Mom" said Jimmy just as tears rolled off his cheek and onto Sphero.

At that moment as if woken by some unworldly force Jimmy's Sphero suddenly came to life. The lights flashed and he ascended in the air out of Jimmy's hands. He hovered there in space for a second or so, as if assessing the situation. Then quick as a flash, he flew out the gap left in the window by Flux.

He swooped to the back of the car and with tyres screeching, pushed them off the tracks to safety. The car rocked on it’s suspension as the 3:15 hurtled past behind them, sparks flying and horn sounding.

Mom looked at Jimmy”¦ Jimmy looked at mom”¦ Flux licked their faces. Then they all stared out the back window to see Jimmy's heroic little robotic ball floating in space and phasing happy shades of blue and green.
The next instant he was at the front of the car. Lights shone from under the hood and the engine sparked into life.

Sphero returned through the open window and came to rest gently back in Jimmy's hands.
"What the..?”
"MOM!" interrupted Jimmy. "C'mon, let's go".
Mom jumped into the front seat, put the car in drive and headed home.

Somehow that strange storm had equipped Sphero with special powers and Jimmy couldn't wait to get him home and see what else this Super Sphero could do.

To be continued....

Our other favorite submissions included Sphero on a coffee break, snorkeling in Hawaii, and shown below, a couple of Spheros hanging out in a hammock perfect for two (love it, Randy). Thank you everyone who sent in your creations! Stay tuned for what we're up to next week. We can guarantee there will be plenty of chances to win.

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