Free Sphero Giveaway: Our First Winner

24 Feb 2012

This week we announced the first of our Weekly Sphero Giveaways. Fans were challenged to post pictures, videos, or anything Sphero related via Facebook or Twitter for us to determine who was most deserving of a free Sphero. The response? Overwhelming! Some fans shot artsy videos of their felines attacking Sphero, and some took the graphic design route. While we thoroughly enjoyed all your posts, there was one fan who stood out for both creativity and persistence with his Sphero photos – Chappy Asel.

Chappy is the winner of a brand new Sphero! We can’t wait to hear what you’ll do with your second robotic ball. Thanks for your enthusiasm – your Sphero Wars graphic was the coolest.

Thanks to everyone else who participated, and to those who re-posted their creations from the past - including the videos from Jay, Enno, and Nicklas - which you can see below. We'd love to see new videos from you guys for next weeks' competition where we'll be giving away another Sphero. Tell your friends, and submit away!

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