First Sphero's Ship

18 Dec 2011

This is an exciting day for us at Orbotix. After much anticipation, we are shipping the first round of Spheros out into the real world. In the short span of 17 months, Sphero has been transformed from a complex idea into a wonderful reality – and we couldn’t be more excited to share him with you.

Today we are not only shipping Sphero, but releasing five apps. Find them on the iTunes app store, the Android marketplace and the Amazon App store for Android. These apps form the foundation for future apps and demonstrate many of the core functions of Sphero.

Sphero is the main app and has the important function of allowing you to update Sphero's firmware automatically as new updates become available.  It also has basic driving functionality, and some other cool commands.  Track your driving stats and achievements by logging into Sphero World. You can expect a lot more from Sphero World in the future.

SpheroDrive is the app that gives you total control of driving, and offers customizable features.  Three driving methods are available joystick, tilt, and RC. Plus you can set automatic heading correction, where Sphero's notion of forward changes as you move your body thanks to the gyro in your phone.

Draw 'n Drive allows you to draw on your screen and watch Sphero trace out your drawing on the floor. Simply shake your phone to erase!

SpheroGolf brings out a whole new side of Sphero.. Swing your phone or flick your finger to move Sphero down the course you create in your living room or office.

SpheroCam allows you to record Sphero while you drive so that you never miss a moment.

We are also releasing our SDK for both iOS and Android today.  All of our apps are built on top of our SDK – and we even included a bunch of sample code to help get you rolling.

While this is an exciting day for some of our fans, we realize others are still waiting for their Spheros to arrive.Our team is hard at work and will deliver your Spheros to you the second we are able. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Happy Holidays from Sphero and the Orbotix Team!

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