Etch-O-Matic App Now Available

05 Jul 2012

The Sphero Hack Tour 2012 is off to an explosive start. With Boulder and Austin crossed off the list and Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, and NYC left to tackle, Sphero is taking developers across the nation by storm. Each hack weekend is filled with robots, caffeine, and plenty of code – and new Sphero apps are starting to roll out.

The creativity of our newfound devs is astounding, and we're seeing everything from Sphero being used as a controller for an A.R.Drone to an app that allows Sphero to respond to sound. While some of these apps aren't yet released yet, the devs are working away and we hope to have them available soon.

One app from the Sphero Hack Tour is now available though – Etch-o-Matic. The app was created in Sphero's hometown, Boulder, CO, and is available for both iOS and Android devices and tablets. Etch-o-Matic lets you hold Sphero and use it as a controller to create drawings - much like an Etch A Sketch. The app's creator describes it best:

What if I told you that you could use your new prized posession to make drawings like it is 1965? With Etch-o-Matic you can use your Sphero® as a controller to create masterpieces that would make 8 year old you proud even though you never became an Astronaut!

Get your hands on it today at the iTunes Store and on Google Play and check out the video below to see just how it works with Sphero. More information can be found directly on the app's site.

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