Can A Teenage Prodigy Predict The Future?

15 Feb 2012

While most 14-year-olds look forward to summer vacation and enjoying a much anticipated break from school, our summer intern wanted to expand his horizons at Orbotix – And we couldn’t say no to this plucky wiz kid.

A recent article on argues that kids can predict the future of technology. We think they’re on to something. The study highlighted in the article shows that kids predict new technologies. Part of their finding show that teens feel that robots and real-world gaming will increasingly look and act more like humans in the near future. Did someone say C-3PO?

“The lines between 'online' and 'offline' and 'virtual' and 'real' distinctions are also disappearing... "[Kids] naturally think about a future in which traditionally 'online' interactions make their way into the physical world, and vice versa – a concept already playing out in augmented reality, transmedia storytelling and other recent tech developments.

So how is our prodigy helping to predict the future? Well we’ve been working to create innovative gaming and entertainment experiences that bridge the virtual and real worlds under the watchful eye of our 14-year-old intern - he’s getting hands on experience with Sphero and smartphone-controlled gaming.  So, he’s not exactly predicting the future, so much as he’s helping to create it.

We really love watching a future developer of interactive robotics and technology learn and grow right here in our office”¦And if you want to know what’s next for smartphone controlled gaming devices – Well, go ask the intern!

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