Brand New Sphero App Now Available on both iOS and Android

07 Nov 2012

Smarter. Faster. More baller. We listened to your feedback, and have redesigned the main Sphero app to completely improve the way you roll. Don’t worry, we kept the best parts and made everything else more awesome. Not only have we combined several Sphero apps into one to make it the most powerful command station ever, but we’ve also added access to never-before-seen features. Read on to get the details.

Enjoy a completely updated user interface with amped-up controls and capabilities all at your fingertips. Ever wanted to know how far you’ve rolled, or how many times you’ve changed colors? Now you can keep tabs on all kinds of Sphero stats and achievements in SpheroVerse. You can also stay in the loop with an in-app News tab that ensures you never miss an important firmware update or announcement. And to make sure you’ve got the latest Sphero games, an Apps tab shows you what is currently available for Sphero. You can even click directly to the iTunes Store and Google Play to download – all without missing a beat.

Your driving experience with Sphero is smarter now, too. We replaced the Boost button with the option to execute various commands such as driving in figure-8’s and other shapes, and rainbowing colors as you drive. A new one-finger aim gets you rolling faster than ever, and you even have the option to leave Sphero’s taillight on.

We’ve kept the best parts of Sphero’s central app intact. Just like before, you can pick from multiple driving speeds and modes and make Sphero glow in any of thousands of colors to match your style. Sphero is your go-to app for racing against friends and family, showing off your driving skills, and catching all the good times on camera.

Download today on the iTunes store and Google Play and be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter @GoSphero. Sphero is now available in over 3,000 retail locations nationwide including Target, Apple, Brookstone, and Barnes & Noble. Checkout our store page to find a retailer near you or buy online today.

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