Behind the Scenes at Orbotix: Friday Trivia, F-Bomb, and the Chicken Foot

25 Oct 2012

Here at Orbotix, we like to keep things fun. After all, we make robotic balls. So when our company meeting rolls around each Friday afternoon, we gather to hash out the week’s events. And to make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously, during every meeting we partake in trivia and award team members with two special items: an f-bomb and a chicken foot.

Located in downtown Boulder, Colorado, parking near the Orbotix office is hard to come by. That’s why each week, the trivia winner is awarded the golden parking pass for our building. The following Friday, the winner comes up with trivia questions and relinquishes the pass to the new winner. To make sure each week’s contest is unique and original, the team member in charge brings a bit of his or her special flair to the questions. Topics range from guessing the RGB code of a certain color Sphero can glow to historical gaming facts. Sometimes we guess how many nuts and bolts hold Sphero together, other times we guess lines of code in a certain Sphero app. Sports trivia even works its way in every now and then for the less tech-savvy.

What about the f-bomb and chicken foot? After the trivia winner is declared, we break out the infamous f-bomb. This seriously sought-after chunk of metal is awarded to a team member who deserves to be recognized for some task or accomplishment each week. Previous winners include Ross and Damon for getting Sphero in the hands of President Obama, the software team for launching six Sphero apps at one time, Ozo Coffee here in Boulder for letting us prank their customers, the marketing guys for driving a Sphero into a squirrel, and the operations team for launching Sphero into Target locations nationwide. Just last week, Brooke received the f-bomb for glitter-bombing the cutest pumpkin, ever.

Although it’s important to acknowledge our team’s accomplishments, we don’t forget to recognize the most embarrassing thing that occurred each week. For those who do things like break their foot after being dared to jump down a flight of stairs or overload the dishwasher with soap and experience a lovely explosion of suds, we offer them the legendary edible chicken foot. Our team brought this item back from China (along with a bottle of snake liquor), and although no one has eaten the appendage as of yet, there is always someone who deserves this hilarious award.

Don’t worry – we discuss business during our Friday afternoon meetings, too. But if we didn’t have a little bit of trivia, an iron f-bomb, or a tasty chicken foot, we would be square. And remember, we don’t deal well with squares. We’ll be sharing some of our trivia questions with fans in the weeks to follow, so be sure to check our Facebook page to join the fun!

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