Android and iOS SDK Update Release V1.4

11 Dec 2012

We are releasing an update to Sphero's iOS and Android SDK. This version, 1.4, has a focus on developer resources and bug fixes.

In the UISample (the sample where you can use a joystick and two finger technique to calibrate and drive Sphero) we added a simple button that allows you to calibrate Sphero in a much easier way – the same way our new Sphero app does. The button is customizable in color and orientation. We also added a No Sphero Connected Dialog for developers that contains a "Get A Sphero" button, along with images demonstrating how to connect and pair with a Sphero.

Also, we introduced a new sample. It is called StreamingAnimation and it demonstrates how to move and rotate and image on your device's screen using Sphero as a controller. This is a very useful sample for anyone looking for an algorithm to convert Sphero IMU values to in game character control.  Exile, one of our top downloaded game, uses the same algorithm to control the spaceship on the screen.

We also pushed a few minor bug fixes, like the Android Connection View that would crash in certain instances and SpheroVerse changing the name of Sphero.

The update should better equip developers to make apps, so hope you enjoy. Please share thoughts and feedback on our developer's forum and check out the SDKs at

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