Get a New and Improved Sphero, for Free

27 Aug 2012

Get ready to roll with Sphero like never before. We have released a brand new firmware update with some big changes to make sure Sphero is the quickest, smartest robotic ball around.

Wait a second, what’s firmware? You are probably already familiar with updating the operating system on your iOS or Android device to get the latest features and capabilities. That’s exactly what you’ll need to do to get the coolest new features for Sphero. Sphero’s firmware is an incredibly sophisticated program that makes Sphero what he is. Everything from how he rolls and communicates to how he functions is wrapped into this program.

So what features does this firmware update provide? Vector Drive, Auto-Leveling, and Fast Aiming for starters. Vector Drive enables you to get Sphero off walls and out of corners by letting you change directions instantly instead of driving in an arc. Not only that, but with the help of his accelerometer, Sphero now auto-levels in his inductive charger when going to sleep. This optimizes Sphero’s charging, allowing you to get rolling again more quickly. And just in case you want to aim Sphero with lightening-speed, you can now do so 10x faster than before. In total, there are 43 distinct improvements included in this firmware update. Watch the video below to see these updates in action.

To install the new firmware, follow the steps below.

1. Connect to Wi-Fi with your device.
2. Turn on your Sphero by giving it a hard double shake.
3. (iOS) Be sure your Sphero is connected in the Bluetooth settings or (Android) make sure your Sphero is paired.
4. Launch the main “Sphero” app and it will prompt you to update the firmware. The firmware update should take about 20-30 seconds to complete.
5. Go have a ball!

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