A Look Back at Launching Sphero

12 Nov 2011

Launch. The word that was on everyone's mind and the topic of almost every conversation here at Orbotix. That is, until we hit the button a week and a half ago. Launch at a start-up company is a big deal. It's an event that the entire team anticipates and plans for relentlessly. Not only did we launch official pre-orders for our robotic ball last Tuesday, but we also launched a brand new website and announced the first set of apps that will come out with Sphero. That day broke a lot of records for the team - most notably number of hours worked in a day and amount of caffeine ingested.

With the genius backing of Pivotal Labs, the entire website came together without a flaw. Also along for the ride was the Boulder-based design company, Slice of Lime (the masterminds behind the slick new design). With the help of these two killer companies (and endless Halloween candy) we all cranked through midnight and beyond to launch the site and watch pre-orders roll in.

When the rest of the crew arrived the next morning, several team members were asleep on army-cots scattered throughout the office (check out our CEO's blog for more). They were wiped out from launching the website, sending out e-mails and corresponding with enthusiastic Sphero fans. Success was ours! We celebrated with breakfast burritos and got right back to work. We'd like to give a big shout-out to all of our reservation holders who waited so patiently for this day to arrive. We can't wait to start shipping you Spheros. Next up is the launch of another segment of our website - SpheroWorld. That's right, another launch and then shipping the first Spheros in early December. And all we can say is, we can't wait.

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